Friday, September 28, 2007

Fine as wine....

OMG! He is amazing! Granted...I do miss Kevyn Aucoin and thank goodness we have samples of his work. RIP, Kevyn. Well, Sam Fine is just FABULOUS! It is just unbelievable to watch him in action. I have been a fan of Sam Fine for years and his work is consistent. I just love his personal style. The way that he dresses is simply divine. He is FINE! It is an honor to be in his presence. I have learned soooo much from Kevyn and Sam.

He always looks flawless and his models do, too.

Who did not love Ambush Makeover? Fearless, Fierce and Fabulous! At times, an ambush is the only way to get a person to enhance their image.

His voice is like no other. What an honor to meet this man and he is so kind. Wow!

Gotta Love Weddings!

The bride is BEAUTIFUL!!!! At iknowfaces, we create extraordinary looks with a timeless flare.

"Angelic" was the word I heard, when describing this bridal pic. The bride wanted to look simple, yet beautiful and elegant. She wanted a natural look for her big day. She just looks...... angelic. I love it when female athletes take stunning, down the court.

Doesn't one of these bridesmaid's look familiar? Yes, this is a different wedding. Unless, you would like to believe that she took her "Glam Squad" on a style journey. We are busy with weddings! These are just a few pics of our work. We believe in listening to our clients and making sure they are comfortable. It is at a wedding that pictures are being taken, constantly and most times..... the people are unaware. So, they have got to feel great about their look and the "paint" enhancement. These ladies look so great and the wedding date could always be anonymous. These are timeless.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Love It!

Oh my goodness! They looked amazing together and what a beautiful ceremony. The bride was just breath-taking. I created a look especially tailored for her and she was stunning! I love Bridal Makeup applications. I kept telling her, "You look HOT!" ***The picture has been removed***

This may be the end of the "it" series; however, creativity is really the key with this word. "It" is everything. These ladies are beautiful! I had so much fun shopping for the mango "couture" gown. When I saw the color, style and texture... I knew that it would be amazing. I was right. You can never go wrong with orange sherbert and caramel. Fabulous! The Bride was flawless. She captivated her groom and the attendees. I wanted to create a personalized look for her, as I customized the smokey eye to her structure and the lashes.....Spectacular!!! The chocolate mousse with whip cream, strapless number looked great and I made sure the makeup complimented the image. I just love the way makeup, clothing and accessories can enhance an individual. I wanted to create a timeless look for each woman. This picture will be viewed in ten years and it will appear to have been taken, yesterday. The transformation process is simply powerful and at times, unbelievable and.... I love it! ***The picture has been removed***