Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flaunt It!

It is official...I am fabulous! My birthday was July 14th and I am officially the fabulous one! Too excited! In order to celebrate my birthday, in style, I had to change my style. So, I went to the best for the best style. Thank you, D! You see, even the Fashion Stylist must have a makeover. I am fierce! I am fabulous! I experienced a catharsis, as I watched chunks of hair falling to the floor. I was too excited to let it go! Unlike the haircuts of the past, this one was quite liberating. I finally realized that I am not my hair. I am me, the fabulous one (am I making you ill, yet?). It was time to leave the chignon, behind and move on to fabulosity! Now, I flaunt it!

Yes, I know...I am fabulous. Thank you. Please do not take me serious. A little entertainment is necessary, at times. I mean look at the economy. The housing market and the gas prices are ridiculous. People are losing jobs, daily and businesses we believed in are becoming obsolete. In times like these (makes me want to sing a hymn), we need to reassure ourselves. We need to be confident in our skin. Yes, I did get off the beaten path... In any case, I feel great! I love my haircut! I have been told that years have been erased. Well, my goodness, how old did I really look? Thanks for letting me know, people.

The diva is back. I have been modest and nice for far too long and unfortunately, stabbed in the back. So, since I have reached "fabulosity" status...I will not hold back. It is time to make it happen. It is time to help other individuals, flaunt it! It is time to broaden horizons and embrace change. It is time! So, flaunt it! Stand tall, strike a pose and strut with strength that cannot be shaken or moved. Let the world know that you, too....are fabulous! Flaunt it!