Sunday, May 31, 2009

Has M.A.C. Gone Wild?

I walked into the MAC Pro Store and anyone who knows me...knows that I love animal print(s). I almost had an anxiety attack, when I noticed the leopard print packaging. OMG! Love It! The store was so busy and I was not that pressed to purchase goods. So, I decided to make a call to one of my connections. The colors are more on the earthy side: gold, emerald, charcoal, espresso, chocolate, caramel, brick, etc. The looks that you can create are endless. Have fun and live on the wild side.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

TIME 4 Lashes: Faux Real!

I was perusing through the May 4th edition of TIME magazine (President Obama- 100 Days on the cover).....lo and behold, a pair of false lashes were pictured in the middle of the page. An article, on faux lashes, in TIME. Wow! Basically, the article mentioned the craze of false lashes and how long they have been in existence. There are so many fabulous options; however, the focus was on a particular company. Personally, I am not a huge fan of this brand (you should read the article). As it pertains to the everyday look, I find the criss-cross lash to be so unrealistic. Honestly....I have not seen "real" lashes on a human that grow in a criss- cross fashion. In addition, for $20.00 or more, these lashes should look natural. Yes, they offer several designs....which are beautiful (feathers, fur, glitter, gold, crystals, flares, etc.). However, for the most part, the cross design pops up....often. Plus, the band of this brand is not as flexible. Based upon my sampling of many products. In any case, it was good to see a feature article on false lashes in such a prestigious magazine. They are phenomenal and so faux real!