Friday, June 22, 2007

Imagine it!

Image is everything! We've heard it so many times; however, who cares? Well, from the looks of it.... not too many people. If I see another fashion disaster, I will have to give the Fashion Police a break and just send them straight to....... I am just curious to know how you would fill in the blank. Oh my goodness!!!! It amazes me that people can invest so much time and energy on their cars and homes. Yet, they are clueless about their image. Ooops! I forgot, the cars and homes are connected to the overall image. Give me a break! You will drive a luxury car or SUV and shop at a convenience store for your clothes. You will invest so much time and energy into career advancement; however, the attire is tired! I feel that once you pass the college days, you should take it up a level. You need to become more aware of your surroundings and your image. I guess that is why my career is so important. As an Image Consultant, Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist...... I HELP!!! The main question is, who will help me? There are days that I know the Fashion Police are ready for me. There are days, when I just cannot figure it out and I need my own Image Consultant. So, who will help me? Oh! I am trained to help myself and I am good at it!

Smoke it!

What is the mystery behind the smokey eye? Well, it depends on who you ask and since I am writing this.... my opinion matters! The smokey eye is designed to be mysterious. Only the bold, dramatic, daring, risk takers can pull it off with confidence and style. There are so many variations of the smokey eye. The typical base would have to be the obvious, anything with a "smoke" tint (black, charcoal, grey, gunmetal, etc.). Why not take it up a level and use purple or navy? Girl, let's not talk about using green or brown. There are so many ways to live mysterious. How long are you willing to stay in the dark?