Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wax it!

Please forgive us for the delay. We have been away for far too long and we missed you!!! Oh my goodness! I am not a fan of women with mustaches. Wax it! Laser it! Get rid of it! It is not cute! Take care of it! I love to observe people and I came across this woman with a mustache. Wow! She appeared to be in her late forties, early fifties. So, it made me think.... have you been grooming a mustache for at least 30 years? Why? Ok. Perhaps, it is a cultural thing or it could serve a strategic purpose in her life. I know that she would look so amazing without a mustache. Do you have a mustache? How long have you had the mustache? Why are you walking around with a mustache? Wax it!